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Waste doesn’t need to be wasted! By recycling, repairing and re-using stuff that would otherwise end up in your trash can, we can make a great positive impact on the environment. The Green Office VU invites you to waste LESS and introduce yourself to a next level sustainable lifestyle. Waste is one of the biggest factors that have a negative impact on the natural environment since harmful chemicals and greenhouse gasses are released from its processing. The Green Office VU would like to ask you to participate in our WasteLESS campaign by consciously separating your waste, and reduce your waste production by using re-using and recycling.

Stay tuned for more information on this web page on how to reduce your waste.

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The Green Office VU is launching a new initiative to reduce the number of articles we print every day. Most of the articles we print can be re-used by students of the next years: we want to collect them and make this possible. To do so we need everyone’s help! Please bring the articles you have printed (and don’t need anymore) to the Green Office (in the VU basement) any time and help us with this project! You will find a box where you can put them – please note on the articles your Bachelor or Master Programme!