World Recycle Week with H&M and M.I.A.

Hannah RinneCampaigns, News

cq5dam.web.415.311When thinking of sustainable fashion, H&M, with its mass production of cheap clothes, is not likely to be the first brand to come to your mind. Nowadays however H&M is actively working towards a more sustainable production and the image of H&M as an unsustainable brand is changing. The latest initiative from H&M is the World Recycle Week that aims to close the loop in fashion. 

H&M launched their first recycling initiative for customers called ”Garment Collecting Program” in 2013. Since then customers have been able to bring clothes and garments to the H&M stores, where these clothes would be recycled and used for creating new textile fiber. This year H&M wants to go bigger, and they are doing it with the global initiative World Recycle Week (WRW). With WRW H&M wants to further encourage customers to recycle as much clothes as possible. The goal is to collect 1000 tons of garment in one week, which then will be used for making new clothes and closing the loop in fashion. In fact up to 95% of the clothes brought to H&M stores can be recycled.

To raise awareness H&M has collaborated with rap-artist M.I.A. who will be releasing an exclusive music video for the occasion. In the music video M.I.A. aims to highlight the environmental impact of clothes going to landfills. The music video will be launched on H&M’s website on the 11th of April. In addition H&M has asked fashion bloggers from all over the world to show the pieces they will be recycling, instead of just showing their newest purchases like bloggers usually do.

To participate in World Recycle Week you can bring your own unwanted garments to the closest H&M store between the 18th-24th of April, the clothes may be of any brand and quality. Of course you can recycle clothes any other day as well. Most importantly; remember to make sustainable purchases from the very beginning in order to reduce the waste.

Join the recycling movement and help to close the loop in fashion, and as H&M puts it, ”Recycling has never looked this cool!